Here are copyright friendly websites you should go to find audio for your school projects.  Feel free to email me tools you know about and I will review them and add them to the page. Thanks!

Best Bets - Use Installed Programs

How to Use


Audacity (PC & Mac)
Free Sound Editing Program
Here are some links to help you learn to use Audacity:

Audacity can be downloaded at home from this site:

Audacity can export MP3 files!

external image abf3570c_garageband_app.png

Garage Band (Apple)
Free Sound Editing,
Music, Sound Effects,
Podcasts, &
Multi-track recording
Here are some links to learn to use GarageBand:

Apple's Online Help Tutorials
Lots of great resources to learn how to use the program

Apple's Online Support Site -
Use more for troubleshooting
This is a really fun and creative program - whatever you create from your recordings and the built in Apple Loops is copyrighted by You! If you import and use copyrighted music or sounds in your project, then you need to follow copyright law and fair use (10% of total work). Good news - its easy to edit an imported copyrighted song down to "fair use" amounts in GarageBand!


Any of the popular music you hear playing on the radio stations are copyrighted and should not be used in school projects, especially outside the classroom. I know there are sites out there where you can find our favorite music and download it for free, but this is ILLEGAL!!

Even if you buy the track from online retailers, like iTunes or, you may only use 10% of the song, or up to 30 seconds total. Use Audacity in the Tools folder on your desktop to edit the full track into a 10% clip.

Government Sites


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

National Cancer Institute


U.S. Government Photos & Images


If you really need to find music on the web that is safe to use in your digital projects, here are the best tools I have seen.

How to Use
Source of Creative Commons sounds.
Use the search box on the top right hand side to find sounds for your projects.

Be sure to site sound from this site properly!

See PDF attached below for examples.
An account is now needed for this site. YOu can use the following:

username: EHMIS
password: colts

Most are wav files or mp3 files.
Source of Creative Commons music.
Click the "Editor's Picks" or "Remixes" to browse music. You can also search using the "Search-Find Content" link on the top right of the page. Click on speaker icon to preview, or click on name of song to get more info about song. Then click the Download button.

No Account is needed. Most songs are mp3 files.
Source of sound clips from movies and TV shows
Browse by topic or you can use the Search Site box at the top of the page. Click around until you find the mp3 file. These are ok to use in digital projects because they are small snipets of a larger work.

No account needed. Look for and use the mp3 or wav files.
This site has some great video of speeches - both real and from movies, as well as video from TV news programs of major news events in the past.

Be careful of pop ups on this site!
When you find a media file you want, try right clicking and selecting "Save Target As"
Another search site
Be careful - lots of the music and sound effects you find with this site may be copyrighted! You will also find

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