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Digital Literacy

What skills are included in the term Digital Literacy?

1.  Life long learner - do you always ask questions?  Are you curious?  Can you identify what you already know about a topic and what you need to find out?  Can you make a plan to attack a problem? 

2.  Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - does the information your reading on the web make sense?  Can you find additional resources that support/confirm these ideas?   Can you identify the authors purpose and organizational features to help you understand new information? 

3.  Content Management - can you effectively and efficiently find, store, and share digital information?

4.  Sufficient Toolbox - are you aware of many different technology tools?   Do you know when to use excel over powerpoint, or google docs rather than excel?  Are you aware of a various assortment of web tools that can help you?  Examples:  moodle, wikispaces, wordpress, edmoto, animoto, diigo, dropbox, toondoo, mailcatch, zamzar, etc.

5.  Ethics, Copyright, Honesty  - do you behave appropriately online?  Do you share information in a positive way?  Are you truthful?  Do you provide constructive criticism?    Do you follow copyright law and clearly cite the sources of your information?