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Create a computer graphic or image

1.  PowerPoint 2010

You can use PowerPoint for graphics.  PowerPoint has lots of great drawing and image tools built in.  Think of the slide as a blank canvas!  You can even format the slide to be the size of a sheet of paper.  PowerPoint is a better tool than Word or Excel for graphics.

2.  Avairy

Avairy is a free set of web-based design tools that comes with our SW google apps account!   No installing, and when you save your work it will automatically appear in your SW Google Docs

Here are some tutorials for how to use Avairy:

3.  Web 2.0 Tool:  Sumo Paint

This is a neat and powerful online tool for creating really neat graphics and designs on the computer - and its free!  Use it at school or home instantly!

4.  Web Tools: