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Create a Digital Poster

Need to create a digital poster?  Here are some great sites!

 Note:  It used to be called "Bee Clip"


You could also try these:


  *   Smore<> (create and share modular posters with a variety of media elements built on templates)

  *   Phoster<> looks like a similar poster tool for iPhone and iPad

  *   Poster My Wall<> (a handy basic canvas with attractive backgrounds and collage options)

  *   Art Skills<> (less social, more kid-friendly)

  *   Muzy Thoughts<> (backgrounds for sharing inspirational text and creating classroom posters)

  *   Posterini<> (movie poster-style templates)

  *   BigHugeLabs<> (image generator goodies and several poster templates)

  *   Zeen<> (create media-rich, Tumblr-style online magazines of unlimited length)

  *   Thinglink<> (for adding interactive links and annotations to posters)