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Use Study Island

Navigating Study Island at Home

Note:  A handout version (pdf) of these directions are attached below 

1. Go to the website

2. Enter your username (first name_lastname.swsd) and password

3. Click Submit.

4. Click My Class in the left hand column. Class assignments will appear with a due date. If there are
assignments for more than one teacher then the teachers’ names will appear. Click on your teacher’s
name to see the assignments.

5. Select an assignment to complete by clicking on the title of the assignment. If you would like a
review of the lesson topic, click Lesson next to the assignment title.

6. Click Start Studying (found in the upper right hand corner) to begin the assignment.

7. Click Test Mode. (The number of questions must be set at 10.) Please do not decrease or increase or
the number of questions. An assignment will be considered incomplete if a student answers less than 10

8. Click Next.

9. Click End Study Session when you are finished.

10. If a blue ribbon appears next to the lesson title then the assignment is complete. Select Return to
Main to begin a new assignment. If you do not receive a blue ribbon then choose Play Again to repeat
the assignment.


An assignment is not considered complete until you have earned a blue ribbon (minimum 76% correct).
The blue ribbon symbol will appear next to the lesson title.

Additional Practice:

Students may choose to review and practice topics from previous grade levels. Log onto Study Island.
Click PA Programs in the left hand column. Select a grade level. Click on either Math (New) or Reading
(New) and select a topic that you would like to practice.

Bryan Tayman,
Sep 22, 2011, 9:59 AM