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Use Excel to Analyze Data

Excel is a powerful program that you can use to work with tables of information, like the one below:

Effects of Fertilizer Treatments on Grass Height Over 4 Weeks

 Week 1 Week 2                                Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
 Control 55 6 7 8
 Treatment 1 5 6 89 11
 Treatment 2                             57 10 11 12
 Treatment 3 55 4 1 0
* All measurements in inches.

Things to try:

1.  Format as a Table - this will make your data look better, and make it easy to sort and filter your data!

2.  Perform math calculations!  Excel is a powerful calcuator - let it do the math so you don't have to worry about math errors!

3.  Use a formula!  Excel can find the total, average, median, mean, mode, range, etc. for you!

4.  Create a Chart or Graph of your data!   Displaying your data visually can really help you understand it!

5.  Use conditional formatting!  Excel can color code your data for you.  This can also help you to find trends in your data, or to highlight high and low data points.

6.  Insert a sparkline!  Sparklines are tiny graphs that fit inside a single cell.  They can show you patterns in your data right inside the table!

Here is an advanced site for finding out ways of doing all sorts of complicated things in Excel:

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